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Meet Frank

Yes that's me with the curly hair plotting my escape or arguing with my cousin about the right way to push a lawnmower. Both of these pictures are me: Always plotting my escape from the ho-hum and expected, or questioning the word of the so-called expert.

This is me now


I’m opinionated, but I try to make them well-researched and thought-out opinions. I don’t mince words, I tell it like I see it, although I always seek to be gentle with my words. I have no problem voicing my thoughts — even if they are at times controversial. Hopefully you will find them insightful and maybe provocative.

I don’t publish on any type of schedule, but I do try to publish regularly as I typically have a lots of thoughts about culture, life and theology. And I take lots of photos.

I am a father, husband, grandfather and great grandfather. I have been a YMCA director, minister and street worker. I have been a university professor and administrator. I taught Celtic Studies and Urban Culture. I once ran a consultancy that explored neighborhood behaviors and future-visioning. I am a public speaker, published writer and professional photographer. All of this colors what I observe and comment on here at Theology Viewing Company.

But there's more...

I seek to see things different, to see between the line (yes, "line" singular). I was once asked to provide a few words that best described me. This is what I wrote:

Being a curious wander with a questioning mind from birth, my eyes seek always what lays hidden, yet important. I’m always asking questions with an acute observation to the mysteries of life.

There's not much that goes unquestioned. That includes questioning what I see (or think I see), my belief structure, and what I am told is true and absolute.

I am a gray sort of guy, gray hair and all that. It is not that my life is gray. No! It is vibrant and full of color. When I say I am a gray sort of guy it means that I am driven to explore those gray zones, that gray in-between that exists where the lines meet. This is where I want to live. I don’t don’t particularly like black or white thinking. I rail against that sort of thinking. Unlike many in our world, I do not cherish absolutes. For me, truth is not found in the absolutes, but in the gray.

What I seek to do with my writing, and even my photography, is to encourage us to question what we are told is absolute and to seek to observe and grapple with what might lie in those gray, in-between zones.

To do so, we must recognize that assumptions are culturally conditioned. I know for me, sometimes that’s quite hard to do. I must strive extra-hard to move beyond my own context to see contextually, that is, the true context of what I am observing, if I am ever going to be able to to observe the truth to be discovered in the gray zones. [If you'd like to see a bit more detailed bio (along with a few quotes that inspire me), it is here.]

* I am available for preaching and speaking engagements. I love to conduct workshops on Brewing Theology, Celtic Christianity & Urban Culture. *

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