The Theology Brewing Company

Brewing theology based on our own God-experiences, not mandate. The theology we brew informs how we interact with Nature, Culture and Religion.

And Intellectual Brewpub for Critically Thinking Christians.

You’ve heard of “brewpub theology” no doubt, but a theology brewing company?

Obviously, “The Theology Brewpub Company,” is a play on “brewpub theology,” it also turns the concept of brewpub theology topsy-turvy. Almost all brewpub theology is designed to convince you that host’s theology — whatever that may be — is the correct theology. It’s, well, a form of evangelism.

The Theology Brewing Company, (Facebook Page) on the other hand, is about brewing theology in the companionship (Facebook Group) of others who are also brewing theology. It may be that what they’re brewing is not the same as what your brewing. That’s the fun of it: What everybody is brewing is their own speculative theology based on their own personal God-experiences. Such a theology happily is never absolute and always evolving. With The Theology Brewing Company is quite alright to be skeptical, agnostic, or even atheistic. (For the record, I am an ordained minster who identifies as an "agnostic-believer." That is, I believe, and from my belief I have formulated a theology, but I could be all wet. That’s why it is speculative.)

And although we speculate, we are seriously seeking ways to live in a sorely fragmented world as reconcilers.

There is a lot implied in the naming of The Theology Brewing Company. [more...]

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